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SAMSOE SAMSOE: Founded in 1993 by brothers Klaus and Preben Samsoe.

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Founded in 1993 by brothers Klaus and Preben Samsoe, Danish brand Samsoe Samsoe (owned by Peter Sextus and Per-Ulrik since 2000) is one of a growing collection of Scandinavian clothing brands that have risen to prominence in recent years on account of their often paired back aesthetic and emphasis on sustainable practices. Under the tutelage of the current owners, Samsoe Samsoe (which originally only sold jewellery) has grown exponentially into an international fashion house, selling contemporary clothing and accessories for men and women.

With clothing described by Evening Standard as ‘super wearable, utilitarian daywear for pragmatists and minimalists’, Samsoe Samsoe exudes the conventional ‘Scandi style’. Whilst style is of great importance to the ethos of the brand, their mission statement (‘to deliver responsible fashion to the creative urbanite’) suggests that ethical and environmental responsibility should never be compromised in pursuit of the coveted aesthetic.

In the current climate, buzzwords relating to sustainability are commonplace in brands’ marketing campaigns, and it can be difficult (even for us at the 5th) to know who to trust as an environmentally conscious consumer. However, Samsoe & Samsoe conscious edit and in-depth CSR strategy shows their dedicated commitment to creating responsible fashion. One of the ways in which Samsoe is delivering on their mission statement is the Blue Belief denim programme, which is a collection of denim goods made entirely from conscious fabric. The collection also uses cutting edge technology that means they can significantly reduce the water usage.

Alongside the Blue Belief denim programme, Samsoe Samsoe have a large ‘conscious edit’ that uses exclusively sustainably sourced fabrics that aim to minimise the negative impact of materials and manufacturing on the environment. Samsoe Samsoe is serious about the steps they can take to achieve a more sustainable future, but they also encourage the wearer to consider what they can do to help. They’ve come up with two requests for the consumer: firstly, that they ‘buy consciously’ - simply put, this means buying well made pieces (this does not always mean expensive, Samsoe Samsoe is a mid-range brand with prices for their conscious basics starting around £30). Secondly they ask that you look after each item by ‘washing, storing and wearing’ correctly and by doing so, ensuring the longevity of the item and thereby reducing the amount of material waste entering landfill.

Our 5th picks of the Samsoe Samsoe AW20 collection include the Neil cable crew neck jumper in darkest spruce. Perfect for the winter months, the Neil cable is made from 100% OEKO-TEX certified wool, which ensures that no harmful substances have been used in the manufacturing process. The Samsoe Thes vest, made using two-layer Gore-tex infinium windstopper fabric, is also great for adding an extra layer of warmth on those chillier morning. The Thes vest is also certified by Bluesign, which like OEKO-TEX, ensures that the right materials and chemicals have been used at every step in the process. Systems like this not only deliver responsible fashion, but have the safety and rights of workers at the forefront of their criteria, something which is very important to Samsoe Samsoe and features heavily in their CSR report.

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