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Colorful Standard

Remember when BENETTON used to be mint?   

For those of us of a certain vintage it's hard to look at COLORFUL STANDARD and not raise a nostalgic glass to a brand doing simple things brilliantly. 

Danish of origin they eschew trends in favouring of producing basic capsule collections in 100% organic cotton that are super crisp, super clean, and best of all super affordable. 

With a colour palette encompassing everything from Balearic hues to stone cold classics, they embrace a 'colors have no seasons' ethos that actively encourages going bold in winter climes. 

With a sustainable ethos at their core and a pledge to donate a healthy amount of proceeds to a charity football club they set up in the Democratic Republic of Congo, it's fair to say COLORFUL STANDARD are setting a pretty high bar for the rest of the industry.  

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