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An Interview with a Photographer - @regards.semblables | The 5th
We recently collaborated with content creator and photographer, Julien @regards.semblables who is based in Paris, France. His feed is full of incredible content with a focus on photography, architecture and clothing.

We asked Julien a few questions about his motivation for starting his Instagram account, influences and his interest in clothing. There's also a bit about his most cherished wardrobe item and his fave piece of the season so far.
When did you start your social media account and what was your motivation for getting started?

I created my account about 6 years ago now if I remember correctly and as you can see my account has not grown much despite the time spent on it and the hours of work invested. It's okay, it's my passion. I created it because I saw more and more people on it and it was just out of curiosity at the beginning. I liked Instagram a lot before, I discovered new ones regularly that were not known, the content was much more varied and there are not all these superficial people highlighted everywhere. It was really a great platform for content creators and artists in general.

It's clear that you are very passionate about your Instagram account. What in your personal life influences your social content?

I would say that in my life everything influences my content. It can be things that I am confronted with in my day, a light, colours but also other photographers and architecture. You could say that my eyes are always wide open and I think all the time about what I am doing to be able to create when I see what surrounds me.

Who are your most favourite content creators at the moment?

At the moment and always I believe, I love the English content creators of the Oliver Hooson, Mat Buckets, Anthony Lee, etc crew. These guys do the job wow!

Much of your feed is focused on clothing. How did you develop your interest in fashion?

My interest in fashion has always been there from a young age, but it has evolved a lot over the years. But what has never changed is that I have always looked for comfortable and functional clothes. I think it's really something essential.

If you had to name one thing, what would be your favourite item in your wardrobe right now?

I think my favourite piece of my wardrobe, which is for me the best collaboration of this year too, is my pair of Salomon x The Broken Arm. The pair from their latest collaboration, inspired by the French Alps. It is a pair that we have seen nothing else, it is very comfortable, you can wear it with everything and the materials and details on it are amazing.

What is your favourite brand at The 5th Store and why?

The choice is hard but I believe it is And Wander. It's an expensive brand but the materials are really nice, the pieces are very functional and you can wear them anywhere. As well at work as for the weekend and that I love!!

Our AW collections are dropping in thick and fast. What is your most loved piece from our AW21 drop so far?

The choice is hard once again but I believe it is the reversible Kestin sleeveless jacket. I have always loved these kinds of jackets because you can wear them over a sweatshirt, under a coat, over a jacket, under a jacket. The choices are endless and that's what I like. This one is perfect because it has a sober side and one with a pattern so you can adjust it according to your outfit.