Ten c Anorak in Lime Green

The Anorak is a water-resistant, hooded jacket that was first designed by the Caribou Inuit living in the Canadian arctic. Originally made from caribou or seal skins coated in fish oil, as a pull-over jacket, this classic archetype has been around in lighter weight fabrics with a zipper front since the 1950s.

Constructed from Original Japanese Jersey (OJJ fabric ) which is an exclusive Ten C used and manufactured jersey fabric with unique properties. OJJ is manufactured exclusively in Japan and then only cut, sewn and dyed by Ten C in Italy.

This unique material lives with you and adapts.

Traces of use are formed, which give the material a used look, which is only formed through your use. Accordingly, there are no two jackets with the same look. The material lives on a certain stiffness which becomes softer during use and adapts to the body. Traces of use - similar to jeans, the jacket gives your own character. As always all the OJJ Shells can be worn with all the Down Liners.