BRITISH scent master LABORATORY PERFUMES was founded in 2011 with a vision to craft unique gender free fragrances.

Taking cues from natural flowers, herbs and aromatic botanicals from around the world, LABORATORY PERFUMES pride themselves on having originated a "new method of making perfume the old fashioned way." The scents are scientifically formulated to react to the wearer in order to evolve over the course of a day.

The fragrances created at Laboratory Perfumes often start with a single aroma. In Samphire’s case, it was a young leaf of verbena plucked from a friend’s garden on a spring afternoon. The scent was so arrestingly fresh, they decided to find a way to capture its zesty rush for our third fragrance.

Laboratory perfumes crushed a sprig of that verbena with a pinch of juniper berries from the spice rack – and Samphire began to take shape. Moving from the kitchen to the lab, they blended in citrus oil, flourishes of lavender, basil and rosemary, and base notes of white amber and oak moss to create a bright, cool, aromatic scent with a lightness of touch that belies its complexity and longevity on the skin. The finished scent was so clearly evocative of the seashore we could only call it Samphire.