Denim With History | Edwin Jeans

Denim With History | Edwin Jeans

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New to the 5th for SS22, introducing Japanese denim brand Edwin Jeans.

In the aftermath of WWII, denim connoisseur Mr. Tsunemi took a massive gamble in launching a denim company in Japan. The material was generally associated with all things American and there was still a lingering sense of animosity between the two nations. Nonetheless, Mr. Tsunemi had long admired denim on the basis of it’s strength and durability, he also knew there was a new generation coming through who wanted to embrace a more modern, international look. Edwin Jeans was launched in 1947, with the brand importing the finest jeans that the USA had to offer.

Fast forward to 1961 and the brand moved to create their own line of premium Japanese crafted denim. This was a revolutionary moment as Edwin Jeans were the first to produce jeans with the ‘Made in Japan’ label. As the market for denim grew, the brand began experimenting with various wash techniques, consequently Edwin was the first to develop and perfect the old wash style jean. The brand also invented the stone wash technique which revolutionised the industry and remains a mainstay amongst denim brand’s collections today.

As well as their passion for the now popular stone wash technique, Edwin Jeans also specialise in Selvedge denim. For those not familiar (and we know it can sometimes get a tad confusing) Selvedge refers to denim constructed with self-edge or self-finished fabric edges. The process of creating Selvedge jeans often takes longer than manufacturing conventional jeans as it is regarded as the old fashioned way of weaving denim, using older machines.

At Edwin Jeans, precise care is taken to achieve the perfect finish and fit. There is two different fits to choose from: the Edwin ED-55 Regular Tapered Jean and the ED-80 Slim Tapered. The ED-55 is slim through the thigh and tapered through the leg with a mid-rise at the front and high-rise at the back. These are a modified version of an original Japanese silhouette with a sophisticated look and comfortable fit. Contrastingly, the ED-80 is a contemporary slim fit with a slightly tapered leg and are low-rise so designed to be worn on the hip. There are also various washes to choose from including a Blue Dark Used and the Blue Akira Wash, which is a slightly more vintage look.